Jenn Grinels - Originally from California, this songwriter with a voice of gold can be found constantly touring the United States
The Waifs - Western Australia's heavy hitting, Bob Dylan touring, roots-ifying rock band. They bring fantastic songwriting, rippin guitar, smokin blues harp, to all of their high energy live shows at venues all over the world. Go see them!
Nancy Micciulla - This girl is great... very, very great.
Josh Dion Band - Man this band is good. Soul-based funktasticness out of NYC.
Stonefed - All the way in Moab, UT there lives a band. A band of SMOKIN' players. SMOKIN'!!! Give them a listen, go to a show... You will enjoy it.
Xavier Rudd - Aussie roots man. If you haven't seen him or heard his music you should as soon as you are done reading this - seriously
Virginia Coalition - Friends, cohorts, home grown Virginia boys. Great band.
Shane Gamble - From Frederick, MD Shane plays original music all over the place. He's a great songwriter so go check it out.
Larry Keel - Formerly of McGraw Gap, Natural Bridge, and many other great bands, Larry is an award winning Virginia flatpicker. He brings you great, great roots music.


The Word

Be In the Know


NATE CLENDENEN - To Heaven Before the Devil

NATE CLENDENEN - Bottle Island Ocean