In addition to being a singer, songwriter, and far-traveled performer, Nate Clendenen is also a visual artist!  Having received a B.A. in Studio Art from James Madison University for "analog" photography, Nate held a sub-concentration in textile arts including tie-dye and batik.  With the home-bound, performance-less reality of 2020-21 and a dire (pun intended) need for creative outlet, Nate was inspired to dust off his tie-dye chops.  Particularly inspired by reverse dye techniques, the result has been an incredibly exciting endeavor of color, expression, and function... DenenDyes is born.

If you are interested in seeing what inventory is currently available or to check in on what Nate is currently working on, please visit the DenenDyes Facebook Page by clicking HERE or reach out via the contact form below.  Furthermore, if you are in need of any textile dye projects, he is willing to do custom, bulk, and individual orders.  Just reach out.

Put some color in your life...