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Nate's Rock/Country/Blues band, Eastern Electric, is releasing new material! The single Back to Muhlenberg - a heart felt cry to all those struggling, suffering, or lonesome in these trying times - is AVAILABLE NOW at EasternElectricMusic.com for purchase on it's own or with a variety of other musical bundling options.

Proceeds will go directly to the band to help offset lost performance revenue and a portion will be donated to the MusiCares COVID Relief Fund as well.

STREAMING NOW here and on EasternElectricMusic.com


Built around Nate's Prine-esque acoustic guitar and vocals, ultra-nostalgic pedal steel and accordion serve to steer the song as it’s driven by upright bass and dressed-down percussion. 

Clendenen and bandmates Kyle Coffey (piano, accordion), Joseph Esham (Pedal Steel Guitar, Vocals), Charlie Greenhalgh (Bass), and Dave Gladding (Drums, Percussion) are joined by several very special guests on this release.  Joey Harkum  (PASADENA), Julie Cymek (Sweet Leda), Robert Mabe (Drymill Road), Ray Wroten, and the recording debut of visual artist Emily C. Dean all lend their voices to this tune and supremely elevate the track.

A note to everyone:  All public appearances are on hold indefinitely as part of the pandemic response to the Novel Coronavirus that is disrupting all facets of global life.  The world is a different place now.  I hope that you, your family and friends are safe.  Try to stay positive.  Listen to music.  Sing a song.  Read a book.  Do some yoga.  One way or the other, we WILL get through this eventually.  I hope to see all of you again as soon as possible.   

In the meantime, stay tuned to my FaceBook page for live webshows. 

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