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Fire Left Burnin'

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Lyrics and Music by Nathan W. Clendenen (ASCAP)
Performed by Nate Clendenen w/ Merl Johnson
Released on the album "Working Title" (c) 2014 The Electric Co, LLC
Recorded and mixed by Frank Marchand at Hudson Street Sound
Mastered by Randy LeRoy at Airshow, Takoma Park, MD


Oh the Fire
I left it burnin
Just so you could one day find your way home
Oh the Ocean great big and wide it was a churnin
Churning for you
Out on your own

All the mountains
Across the Valley
Cry out where oh where have you been
For all of my life
I've been standing like a rock
Out on the horizon
Watching my days
Just pass me by

And so the road
The road goes on forever
I'll shut my eyes and sing
For the whole entire rest of my life
Until one day I reckon
I'll come down to a stand still
And wonder where
Is my loving wife

And so the fire
It burns no more
From too many years
Of trying to let go
Of the one thing that kept me going
For all this last time
It was you
The thought of you coming home